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Over alise artAlise grew up in Londerzeel, a small town on the outskirts of Brussels.

Even though she loved drawing and colouring as a child, it was only at a later age that she decided to further develop her skills. While in high school she studied “Fashion”, she was able to use her creativity to make her own clothes.

It was in college, that her passion for drawing re-emerged, when she fell in love with fictional stories like the “Riftwar Saga” by R. Feist, “Outlander series” by D. Gabaldon and many many more. During this time she started collecting the “Elf Quest” comic book series and became an active member of a “Oekaki-drawing-website” (Oekaki = Jap. For doodle). Being part of this art-community taught her a great deal about various drawing styles and techniques and ways to improve her own skills. She also for the first time got introduced to Japanese animated movies, which sparked another passion.

Right after graduating as an “Architectural Assistant”, she decided to follow the course “Director animated movies”, to learn how to make self-created figures come to life. Hayao Miyazaki and his movies, being an unstoppable inspiration to her, to this day. Alise learns the value of working within a team and realizing just how much work and effort is involved behind the magic animated movies.

This new perspective on the inner workings of such productions greatly impressed her and fuelled her passion even more.

All good movies start with a great story, so that’s why Alise is currently (among other projects) working on a comic book series of her own, to one day fulfill her dream of getting her characters come alive on the big screen.

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